Chance Paul Stillman is an Architect at KoDA (Kean Office for Design & Architecture), a boutique architectural firm. KoDA's work is fundamentally concerned with connecting architecture with nature.

With the office, Chance has collaborated on the design & development of contemporary residential homes, art installations, office spaces and has also contributed research to speculative urban theory re-thinking the future of Miami's built environment in the face of rising seas. Chance's background in these matters dates back to his education & prior experience at Florida Atlantic University, where he contributed work towards "Salty Urbanism," a nationally recognized project that reconciles sea level rise with innovative urban design in Fort Lauderdale.

While at FAU Chance obtained Bachelors in both Architecture & Studio Art (Photography Concentration). Across disciplines his focus has been in the crafting and framing of spaces to allow one to notice something new & extraordinary amidst the world around them. 

In 2019 Chance began a new venture, Studio Chance. With this new brand, he is able to properly marry his passion for architectural design and photography. The primary objective is to create stills that appropriately encapsulate the brilliance of their respective subject and place.
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