Posthumously Invented World
Life and death are understood as distinct phenomena. Perhaps human notions of passing oversimplify or overbiblicize. This series is an experimental exploration into the visual experience of afterlife. Overlapping and transparent visuals were achieved entirely in-camera, through repositioning mid-shutter. The resulting stills depict a distorted, yet familiar invented reality.
The attic often functions as a storage space. Its inaccessibility from the home designate it a time capsule. Visiting this space of stasis conjures memories previously lost. Gradually, thoughts wander into recent and "ancient" history, reuniting artifacts with identity. Thus, the attic exists as an architectural actualization of nostalgia.
Home Sweet Home
Fear in familiarity is the main subject of this series. It is set entirely within my house, utilizing it as a stage set for a nightmarish sequence of events. Tightly cropped images are linked together through shifting perspectives. Gradually reducing color saturation further cements the stills into a chronological sequence. Despite a clear chronology, the same precise space is never shown again, allowing the work to operate independent of time.
Familiar Nocturne
Childhood dreams have a way of remaining with us. While they lack real narrative, they still tell a story.
Not All There
In contemporary life, it increasingly seems that people are less present. Electronic devices easily enable cognitive distribution to distant places. While individuals are more connected than ever, they are also ever lonelier.
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